Friday, January 10, 2014

baby birds, go karts, mulberries and explosives

More water, more baby birds..
Oh yea, we found baby birds on the ground. We had to save them otherwise our dogs would have hurt them.

Go karts, fun places....

More family visits..yay!

We were outside most of the days. 

Everyone got their daily workouts in, via trampoline.

And we thought we had some kind of poisonous berries growing all over our property. Turns out I am a city girl and had no idea what the heck a mulberry was. So when they say "here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush..." they're not joking. Mulberries are real!! I obviously have a lot to learn if I'm going to make it living in the country.

From that day on we were a berry picking family. Every single day. It was fun to just go outside and eat off our trees.

4th of July, we went to a parade 

Small town parades are...small but they're charming and fun, So we still love watching them.

After, we laid around at the park. I love this picture.

We came home and BBQ'd and just hung out.

And we ate pie. Can you guess what kind??


Then we headed for the big crazy firework show in downtown

Then the next night went to another big firework show. 

We like explosives.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

EEk I'm a horrible Blogger Fathers Day

My husband is a great Dad. He is also obsessed with his phone. I know it, our kids know it and our carrier knows it. So when brainstorming with the girls on what treats to make him, we all agreed an iphone cake would be perfect.

I know it's not perfect. You try working with fondant with five kids wanting your attention and one of them literally tugging at your ankles the whole time. I also had to do it fast before he got home from work.  But he loved it. The girls loved it and I thought it was pretty cool.

We started doing the DAD pancakes last year so I am sure that will continue every year. The iPhone cake however, will not.

They also painted him small canvases to hang up on his walls. I'm thinking in his closet so he can see them every day when he gets ready for work. They are actually in our bathroom right now. Maybe they will stay there because I like seeing them every morning.

He also had a bunch of toilet paper roll googly eyed thinga ma bobs, a ton of cards, a bunch of rocks that they drew on (?), some accessories for his phone, handprint paintings and a whole lot of lovin from all of us. 

I hear his day was perfect. 

EEK! Im a horrible blogger!

I have come to the realization that I am a really sucky blogger. Even just documenting our family life. I've been a busy bee since summer. Okay...not really, I just tend to put this on the back burner and it seems like every year at the same time I am saying this same thing and updating with a ton of pictures to make up for a ton of no posts. So...I'll make a few posts to update.

Early summer:

This past summer was a lot of fun. Minus the fatal attack of our chickens. That was pretty horrible actually. I am pretty sure a possum is to blame for that. 

After that we tried to make a safer home for them.

They thanked us.

We had tons of water fights. Well...they did. I sat on the side with my ice water or lemonade.

We did the color run as a family.
It was a lot of fun and hopefully we can make it an annual tradition.

And fyi...they say all that color washes out.

We had family visits. Which I love. I love when people come to visit. Stay for as long as you want. Please. Just watch our kids for a night!

Our little mobile baby was everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. He is the epitome of a handful.

We have such a pretty little lake about 3 miles from our house. Perfect fishing spot. So naturally we did that too this summer.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Muddy Heroes Mud Run

Last weekend the two older girls did their very first mud run. Muddy Heroes Mud Run.
I'm positive they LOVED it.

The younger two were too young to register, but they did have an area for "Muddy Heroes in Training".
Which was a mini obstacle course and of course...mud.

Hm...not so sure about this. You go first. No you go! 


Ok, we like this now. 

It did take a good 10 minutes for them to get past their ankles.
They kept looking at me like they were going to get in trouble or something.

Meanwhile...the real Muddy Heroes...

The girls got SO muddy, but they had a lot of fun. It was a fun day for them.

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